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If you feel that you would fit into the guild and that you have something special to offer the guild,
please apply by clicking on JOIN ARABIC

After reviewing your application, you will be contacted in-game or via email by an Officer.
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Mar7aban Bikum! Welcome to the Arabic guild website!

We are a relaxed raiding guild, filled with diverse culture from all over the globe! We have banded together for a common purpose of inciting fear and terror into the hearts of the commonwealth of the Spirestone realm.

We currently are focusing on 10 man ICC progression. With the Lich King out of the way we can focus more on 10 man hard-modes and starting up more 10 man groups. Progression into guild 25 mans to be decided at a later date.

And if you have a problem with that, Agak will come through
the screen and tear your heart out through your throat.

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Official 25 ICC Progression - Mostly Guild

bizarro57, Jun 29, 10 8:33 AM.
Here's some screen-shots of victory over the bosses in 25 man ICC! Raid was 90% guild.



                                             Heroic: Gunship Battle - AKA Lootship

                          Saurfang! -
(great timing on the mammoths btw)



                            Lets not forget about - Sister Svalna

Not bad for our first (mostly guild) 25 ICC 6/12 - Full guild runs in the future will prevent random leavers
ultimately spoiling the raid. Had to call this one early. Maybe next week. Good job guys!       -Magnis


bizarro57, Jun 21, 10 8:11 AM.
Good news everyone! The WoW Fire Festival has finally arrived. For those patient enough don't forget to complete your meta-achievments for your Flame Warden title!


bizarro57, Jun 19, 10 6:56 PM.
No thanks to server crashing, Arabic downs the LK!

Special thanks to Brown Bear dropping an infest in raid at 11%, +1 Style point!

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

Agak1010, Jun 15, 10 9:30 AM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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